WP1 – Coordination and project management

This Work Package is led by Prof. Kassoum Kayentao (the project coordinator) from University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako.

— Project coordinator —

He is getting close support from Prof. Abdoulaye Djimde (Mali) because of his high expertise in coordinating EDTCP projects. He is also having the support of Dr. Dario Scaramuzzi (R-Evolution Worldwide, Italy) and Dr. Jenny Hill (LSTM, UK).

The coordinator is ensuring overall project communication and administration of the project, adequate coordination between WPs and is providing support to each WP leads.

The coordinator is acting as contact between EDCTP and consortium partners. The coordinator is also the primary execution arm of decisions made by the consortium. He is overseeing the whole project and ensuring that each WPs leader in on track his/her duties.

He is member of the working groups of each WP by default and ensures that sustained progress is made towards the overall milestones and deliverables on the project.

Objectives of the WP1

O1.1: To establish a decision-making and scientific management structure processes of the project including all work packages

O1.2: To make sure that an adequate communication is set within and outside the consortium as well as advocacy system for results translation into policy.

O1.3: To ensure that all research activities are conducted following GCP standards under WP3 and 4, according to meeting national and international ethical requirements across the consortium.

O1.4: To ensure that progress is made towards achieving project outcomes, milestones in a timely manner.

O1.5: To monitor project activities against agreed milestones and that progress is made towards achieving project outcomes.

O1.6: To ensure adequate reporting system to EDCTP on project accounting and finances across the consortium.

O1.7: To ensure that mechanisms to identify potential risk and mitigation solutions are established.

How to reach these objectives?

How to reach O1.2

The WP1 leader has the responsibility for ensuring effective networking, reporting and dissemination and communication activities internally (through a quarterly and annual progress reports provided by each WP leader on specific WP milestones achieved) and externally of the consortium.

How to reach O1.3

The WP1 leader will coordinate the development and finalization of the trial protocol before its registration into trial registries (clinicaltrials.gov and PACTR). A DSMB (a body composed of independent experts who will oversee ethical aspects of the study conduct) of the trial will be set-up and SOPs specific to the trial will be developed. The project coordinator will also ensure that the trial is implemented in accordance with the protocol.

How to reach O1.5

Scientific progress will be monitored through annual Consortium partners meetings to be held at rotating venues during which specific experts may also be invited as needed. In addition, meetings of key investigators will be held quarterly via teleconference or videoconference.