Field training for baseline household survey for the evaluation of IPTp-SP coverage in BF

As part of WP2 (Training and Capacity Building) of the project, a training for the health workers involved in the household survey (HHS) to estimate the baseline coverage of IPTp, was carried out from 23rd to 27th May 2022, in Burkina Faso.                                         

The representative sample of this survey was made up of women residing in the catchment area of the 20 selected health centers in the Bousse district.

Epidemiologists, social scientists, economic scientists, geographers, and a data management team from IRD, IRSS, LSTM and MRTC (Malaria Research and Training Center related to the departments of Medicine and Pharmacy of the USTTB) took part in this training. They trained 20 Surveyors, specifically recruited for the IPTp HHS, and 4 Supervisors.

In this occasion it was presented the INTEGRATION project and all the procedures/manuals, study tools, ethics principles of IPTp HHS.                                                                                       

It was also introduced the Redcap software (Research Electronic Data Capture) and tablet utilization, and administered a pre-test to health workers.