R-Evolution Worldwide

R-EvoWW – R-Evolution Worldwide Srl Impresa Sociale

R-Evolution Worldwide is a non-profit organization committed in the Research of the Evolution and in the Evolution of the Research for the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals. R-Evolution Worldwide envisions to increase the involvement of the Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries in ethically and scientifically sound biomedical research and clinical trials addressing specifically SSA public health challenges. Under guidance of Dario Scaramuzzi, R-Evolution Worldwide has partnered with several public institutions, private sector and civil societies from SSA to participate in calls for funding projects which concerned sustainable development goals. In particular Dario Scaramuzzi has developed deep expertise in managing projects across the EU and Africa as project manager of the following EDCTP projects: AfriEthique (CSA2019ERC2675), SEARCH (CSA2019ERC-2688), NeuroSolve (HORIZON-JU-RIA 101103306), INTEGRATION (RIA2020S-3302) which are still ongoing, and LiberHetica (CSA2018ERC2327), AfriClinique (CSA2018ERC2319), Itail-COVID-19 (RIA2020EF-2947) which are completed.

During these projects, R-Evolution Worldwide has proven to be a valuable partner regarding ethics, regulatory capacities and network establishment within clinical research.

Dario Scaramuzzi, CEO